Hino Contessa

Another »England«-sketch: Hino Contessa 1300, a french-italian-japanese co-production of the 1960's... The London Science Museum has a lot more to offer, of course, not to mention the nearby Natural History Museum. A sketcher‘s paradise. I didn´t get more than this very sketch, but the good news is, both museums will be there for quite a while...Hino Contessa 1300
Science Museum London


St. Ives, High Tide and the Old Lighthouse

It was low tide, when I began sketching this boat in the huge harbor of St. Ives. I positioned my stool and stuff and was almost done with the drawing, when suddenly I felt the need to turn my head. A tidal wave moved gentle but steadily towards me. I had 5 seconds to grab everything and move away quite a bit with the hope to be able to turn back to my place, but obviously the water had no intentions to disappear. So I decided to face the facts and I moved on to the lighthouse on the Pier, high and dry. After a few minutes, the boat was surrounded by water, the high tide had reconquered the inner harbour again. Therefor I had to colour it later, in a more comfortable place...

St. Ives, Harbour

St. Ives, Old Lighthouse


Port Isaac

Port Isaac
On the way back from Tintagel Castle we stopped at Port Isaac – both on the cornish north coast.