Historic Mill in Berdum, the first mill is dated back in 1600.

Landfall buoy, part of the historic harbour exhibition in Carolinensiel / Harlesiel.

Historic vessel, Harlesiel harbour.

Tug boat, exhibited at »Deutsches Marinemuseum« Wilhelmshaven.

Drawing from a photograph at »Deutsches Marinemuseum« Wilhelmshaven.

Sketchcrawl Eltville, 30.05.2015

Sketchcrawl of the Rhein-Main Sketchers in the picturesque town (maybe a bit too picturesque?) of Eltville at the Rhine river.


Knocked out by a flue, but nevertheless impressed by this great city... Short sketch before leaving to the airport.

Sketchcrawl Palmengarten Frankfurt

Meeting with the »Rhein Main sketchers« – Birgit, Clara, Katja and others. A very cold, almost winterly day in March inside and outside the »Palmengarten« in Frankfurt.

Sketchcrawl in Liége, Belgium

Sitting at the banks of the Meuse river along with Tazab, September 2014