The results (sketchwise) of a weekend trip to Freiburg in the south of Germany: Historic »department-store«-building (from 1532) opposite to the Cathedral (Münster). Then, driving a few meters up (1.200 m), my first and probably my last snow for this winter (for the temperature now is almost springlike) – and some fast sketches out on the streets during the »Straßenfasnet«, the street carnival that happened to take place on that weekend...

»Historisches Kaufhaus« Freiburg

Skilift Hofsgrund

Freiburger Fasnet


Natural History Museum, Mainz

Saturday 22 of February I´ve spent some time with some fellow sketchers (among them Urban Sketchers Jenny Adam, Andreas Koeniger and Birgit Mueller) at the Natural History Museum in Mainz. Although a part of the museum was closed due to a rennovation, we‘ve had enough themes to draw – in a comfortable setting. I "reactivated" an old brush pen and dared to use a ballpen to go straight away.

Tropical Birds

Passage Migrants

Café Blumen

Harpy (Statue)