V Urban Sketchers Workshop in Ischia (Part II)

Sketches done during the workshop, when strolling around Castello Aragonese and Ischia Ponte.

V Urban Sketchers Workshop in Ischia

Finally I’ve managed to scan most of the images created during the Workshop with Simo Capecchi, Caroline Peyron and Ch’ng Kiah Kiean (aka ‘KK’). Below my results of Simo’s reportage-session, were we visited an underwater-excavation site by boat and gained insight in the work of the divers and the wrap-up of all the findings by an archeologist.

Frankfurt x 2

Trying to be a it less lazy with scanning and uploading here: two sketches done in Frankfurt. The first one shows a pavillon of a korean garden inside the Grueneburgpark. The second sketch shows the so called I.G.-Farben Haus, built in the late 1920s, now housing a part of the University of Frankfurt.