Hidden Naples – 2nd Urban Sketchers Workshop a Napoli

From May 30 to June 2 I participated at the 2nd Urban Sketchers Workshop in Naples, Italy. Our 4 instructors were Simo Capecchi, Lapin, Caroline Peyron and Laura Scarpa. You can find a brief review and a slideshow on Simo’s Blog to get a nice impression. Our hosts led us to unique and fascinating places, mostly hard to find as a stranger. We met so many dedicated Neapolitans and got a glimpse of the innumerable stories of this contradictory and yet so fascinating city. An unforgettable experience thanks to Simo, Lapin, Caroline and Laura - and the whole sketchers-group there.

LADU e Riot
Left: Pavillon in the Garden of LADU – Laboratorio di Degustazione Urbana; right: a pond inside the garden of RIOT Studio where group meetings, tech demos, and of course the portrait party took place.
Piazza San Domenico Maggiore
Sunday morning excercise with Lapin
ospedale dei poveri
Palazzo Donn´ Anna
Afternoon session with Simo Capecchi, who illuminated the story of »Palazzo Donn´Anna« and stories connected to it, before going into drawing. For me, this drawing will always recall those stories and the atmosphere directly.
Palazzo Donn´ Anna, Napoli
Session in the Museo Paleontologico with Lapin, who told us about balancing details and visual »short cuts«, about distortion and the pure fun of sketching...
Museo Paleontologico

Lapin, Simo, Caroline and Laura
Lapin, Simo, Caroline in the shades, Laura


  1. Thanks for coming to Naples, it was great to meet you!

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