Blvd Alfred Goulliou, Concarneau
The neighbours’ house at Concarneau, Bretagne.

Blvd Alfred Guillou, Concarneau 
View to the other side of the street.

Tug boat at Concarneau harbour
Tug boat sketch at the harbour of Concarneau.

Tug boat at Douarnenez historic harbour
Visit in Douarnenez, where I met the awesome Rolf Schroeter, who incidentally spent his familiy holidays not far away from our place. You can see his version of the historic tug boat »St Denys« on his blog (in fact, his sketch is way cooler than mine ;-)).

Blvd Alfred Guillou, Concarneau
An abandoned house nearby.

Blvd Alfred Guillou, Concarneau

Phare d’Eckmühl
One of the highest lighthouses in Europe: Phare d’Eckmühl. Well, at least that’s the top of it.

Île aux Moines, Bretagne
The Kergonan stone circle on the Île aux Moines.

Twists and turns in our »holiday garden« (Zen meditation, part I).

Zen meditation, part II.

Concarneau, Ville Close 
The entrance to the »ville close« in Concarneau.

Hermerica at Concarneau harbour
The »Hemerica« belongs to the »Musee de la Pêche«, which is situated in the ville close.

Fishing boat at Concarneau harbour