Spent a few days in the bavarian alps in the small town of Ruhpolding. Arrived in a cold but greenish setup. Winter arrived one day later. It snowed for hours, turning the landscape into a winter wonderland... I gave it a try and sketched the chapell and church of St. Georg on top of a hill in the middle of the village. And also visited the "Heimatmuseum", sketching historic local items.


  1. großartiger Beitrag. Das Friedhofsbild vermittelt eine Neuschneestimmung perfekt, und die Materialität der Objekte ist so sensibel und gekonnt wiedergegeben ... super

  2. I was delighted to discover your blog a few weeks ago, and each new post confirms my initial reaction. (I find the twisted top of the church very funny, by the way, but your lines are so elegant that nothing comes out grotesque or "wrong", hehe.)

    1. I´m very happy to hear that you like my blog, Miú – thanks a lot for your kind comment and motivation! As to the bent rooftop - yep, when there‘s no other way to fit my motive on the page, that‘s a way out ;-)